atrioventricular sulcus

atrioventricular sulcus

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  • Sulcus — From the Latin for a groove, furrow, or trench. In medicine, there are many sulci (plural of sulcus) as, for example, the superior pulmonary sulcus. * * * 1. [TA] One of the grooves or furrows on the surface of the brain, bounding the several… …   Medical dictionary

  • sulcus coronarius cordis — [TA] coronary sulcus of heart a groove on the external surface of the heart, separating the atria from the ventricles; portions of it are occupied by the major arteries and veins of the heart; called also atrioventricular groove …   Medical dictionary

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  • venae ventriculi dextri anteriores — [TA] anterior veins of right ventricle: small veins that drain blood from the anterior aspect of the right ventricle, ascend in subepicardial tissue to cross the right part of the atrioventricular sulcus, and empty into the right atrium. Called… …   Medical dictionary

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